Flyer Guidelines

For organizations and community partners interested in posting a flyer for electronic display to Los Alamitos Unified Students, please be advised of the following Submission Guidelines to expedite your flyer posting.  (See image on left.)

Specifically, a WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY/HOW flyer design will likely address all informational concerns related to your advertised opportunity.  In addition, we require contact information for your organization to be current and clearly displayed for all of our students and families. 


All Submissions MUST be in PDF format.  

We will not accept .jpg or .doc files

Program Competition

In Los Al, we are committed to keeping our parents informed of District and community opportunities for students to thrive in Academics, Athletics, Activities, and The Arts.  If your flyer competes with current offerings the District provides for students it may be denied distribution and/or posting.